Italy’s involvement in the on going euros is pulling the breaks on Chelsea’s transfer. Chelsea has not made any signing yet, fans are just  lingering on numerous rumors surrounding the club. Chelsea’s rivals have at least a signing each, Man Utd have got their hands on Eric Bailly, Man City have Gundogan, Arsenal have Xhaka. As it stands Chelsea have not made any signing, is Chelsea waiting for Conte to finished the Italian job before they make any moves? By the look of things i think until Conte finishes his job with Italy, it will be difficult for the fans the hear any announcement of the first signing of the new era.Italy is doing fantastic in the euros and i don’t want them to exit now although my other half wants to see some transfers in Chelsea, Fabregas stated earlier that Conte will be in Chelsea Tuesday because Spain is going to eliminate on Monday. when that happens Chelsea fans around the globe will be happy to see their new manager but if the tactician, Conte is able to pull of his usual master plan then i guess, the first announcement from Chelsea regarding a player will be delayed.

Several reports have come out linking players to Chelsea but there has not been any confirmed deal for the blues. Chelsea would have to work fast to get their new  players to join the old ones for the pre-season tour. this is important because it begins a new era at Chelsea and in other to get all players to know and understand the philosophy of Conte. Conte will have to assess the old players and know who to retain and who to let go, there is a lot of work to be don eat Chelsea and the earlier Conte is in Chelsea the better, so on Monday Chelsea fans will be hoping for their manager to succumb to Spain. if Italy is able to overcome spain then Chelsea fans will have to wait for a while before they their club make any purchase in the transfer market because should Italy defeat Spain, i see them heading to the finals.

Chelsea is lucky because  their targets are not really chased by other clubs but the moment this changes Chelsea will lose their targets to other clubs. Pjanic was snatched out of the hands of Chelsea, chelsea were in position to sign him but juventus beat them to it, if Conte had been in office it would have been a different ball game all together. now lets wait and see what happens in the coming weeks if chelsea will sign  a player before Conte steps in or untill Conte arrives there will be no purchase but rumors.



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