Messi may reverse his decision

Messi announced he had played his last game for Argentina after missing a penalty in the Copa America final defeat to Chile.

Messi has lost four major finals with Argentina, and has been critical of his country’s Football Association.
Tim Vickery, South Americn football expert believes the Barcelona superstar,  Argentina’s leading goalscorer with 55 goals in 113 appearances,  will rethink his initial drcision.

Speaking on the Alan Brazil sports Breakfast,  he said: He lost this way last year and of course, the world cup final the year before so there is a lot of emotional pain there and this could be something said in the heat of the moment.

That is one side of the story, the possibility that thisbwas just something said in the heat of the moment and in the cool but painful light of the day he will decide to carry on.

But there is another side to the story, a side that goes beyond merely the pain of defeat.  It is that Messi and the Argentine FA are in conflict.

The Argentine FA are in absolute chaos at the moment and that has had an impact on the logistics and the organisation and the preparation of this team during the competition.

There is a problem there and if heus pushed over the edge it wont just be the pain of defeat,  it will be that he is fed up with the Argenyine FA. “

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